Eric Brown,
Managing Partner 

As the founder and Managing Partner of IT Audit Labs, Eric is a thought leader that helps organizations meet today’s cyber security issues, compliance and auditing needs. 

At IT Audit Labs, he is responsible for IT Security business development and risk management. He has overseen security implementations across a variety of verticals including healthcare, gaming, hospitality, legal, accounting, financial, and law enforcement. Eric has authored several white papers related to IT Infrastructure as a member of the green grid and brings over 20 years of varied experience in Information Technology.


Prior to founding IT Audit Labs, Eric built and managed the security practice for several local companies, he has also held leadership roles with Thomson Reuters, Thomson Financial, and several startup organizations. Key areas of accomplishment include building large-scale strategic programs related to IT infrastructure, IT Strategic planning, and risk mitigation. 


Bill Harris, CISSP

With 25 years of experience in data center technology, Bill specializes in cybersecurity strategy with expertise in security policies, open-source intelligence, disaster recovery, risk management, and regulatory compliance. 


Bill has spent most of his time with Fortune 500 corporations and brings those best practices to companies and agencies of all sizes.  A CISSP with an executive focus, Bill transforms technology services into secure business functions. 


Rajeev Singh, CISM, CISSP, PCIP, ISA
PCI Practice Lead 

Rajeev is an information security consultant with 20 plus years of experience in managing & executing projects in various security domains in areas of Application Security, Data Security and Privacy, Security Assurance and Compliance, DLP, Data Obfuscation, Endpoint Security, Security operations and monitoring, n/w perimeter design and security, and information security governance.


He has been involved in the implementation of numerous security and compliance related projects and programs across US for various clients in domains like Banking, Retail, and Storage etc. He has guided several information security transformational engagements based on the nature of business on a multi-phase based approach based on information security standards, processes and technologies. 

Kyle Rozendaal,
Security Practice Lead 

Kyle Rozendaal has been with IT Audit Labs since 2019. 

With a bachelor’s degree in Communication and a Master’s of Science in Information Assurance. Kyle is well equipped to understand the complexities of your organization’s Security requirements, design and implement solutions, as well as clearly present the pertinent information to all project stakeholders.


As a consultant Kyle has worked on security projects ranging from internal red team assessments, digital forensics, risk assessments, audit reporting, web application firewall implementations, incident response, security automation, and third-party vendor review.


Kyle’s main interests lie in penetration testing, but as a well-rounded security practitioner, Kyle is well equipped to help your company wherever you need it.


Nick’s love for information security started before joining the Marine Corps. He specialized in tactical communication and carried crypto communication keys during his deployments to the Middle East.


After spending time with the DOD, Nick entered school for Cybersecurity Policies and Management. With many years of compliance experience, he has focused much of his time on CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification). 

Nick has also been involved with many social engineering engagements and would say this is his passion lies in the security space. The ability to strengthen a company to protect its crown jewels is critical.


Nick Mellem, CMMC-AB
Security Engineer


Mandi Rae,
Project Management Practice Lead 

Mandi brings more than fifteen years of Project Management experience to IT Audit Labs. She has exercised PMBOK principals in several industries including: Information Technology, Cyber Security, Marketing, Executive Security Protection, Personal Care, Finance and Manufacturing.  

While being adept at leading and managing cross-functional teams for successful execution of projects, she utilizes strength in communicating with all levels of management and business stakeholders. She is passionate about cultivating relationships and facilitating successful project execution. 

Mandi has worked in both the private and public sector leading and managing IT projects, blending Agile and Waterfall project management methodologies. Project Management responsibilities have included planning for a diversified staff comprised of internal engineers and external consultants, evaluation of county business unit project requirements against scope, project plan, risk assessment, budget and timeline. Mandi guides projects across multiple platforms and technologies in alignment with IT Audit Labs core values and principles.