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Penetration Testing


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IT Audit Labs penetration testing team is comprised of experienced IT Security professionals. Utilizing a bespoke approach with open-source security and enterprise assessment tools, we can identify security weaknesses within networks and applications. 


Metrics of success include access to a Domain Controller as Domain Admin, the discovery and exfiltration of sensitive data, collection of pre-determined flag and access to restricted physical areas inside the building. Our service provides actionable results and enables your technology teams to better protect your data and the organization.

Vulnerability Scans


IT Audit Labs will provide a comprehensive evaluation of existing and potential threats across your organization’s technology estate. We can determine the magnitude and prioritization of flaws in the cybersecurity providing the security teams a checklist of the most critical threats.


These vulnerability assessments assist with compliance and regulatory requirements across all technology standards. IT Audit Labs experienced professionals not only are able to perform the assessments, but also assist in remediation as well as the ability to communicate the threats posed by the reported data. 

Red Team/Blue Team


Understanding the maturity and effectiveness of a security 

organization can be completed through the concept of Red and

Blue Teams. IT Audit Labs can provide the behaviors and techniques

threat actors will attack with against many different industries.


On the opposite side, IT Audit Labs is also able to provide Blue Teams that will assist in identifying and stopping these simulated attacks from the Red Team. These exercises provided detailed analysis of the security controls, practices, and procedures within the information security organization. The end result is a roadmap to improving the cybersecurity maturity. 

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