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Top Ten Talks to see at DC30

Defcon 30 has been updating their schedule periodically for the past month. We know because we are checking it constantly to plan how our team will divide and conquer. Here is a top ten list, in no particular order, of Talks we are excited to check out so far!

  1. Emulation-driven Reverse-Engineering for finding vulns:

  2. Black-Box Assessment of Smart Cards:

  3. The Call is Coming from Inside the Cluster: Mistakes that lead to Whole Cluster Pwnership:

  4. Perimeter Breached! Hacking an Access Control System:

  5. UFO’s Alien Life, and the Least Untruthful Things I Can Say:

  6. Digital Skeleton Keys: We’ve got a bone to pick with offline access control systems:

  7. Weaponizing Windows SysCalls as Modern, 32-bit Shellcode:

  8. Deanonymization of TOR HTTP Hidden Services:

  9. HACK THE HEMISPHERE! How we (legally) broadcasted hacker content to all of North America using an end-of-life geostationary satellite, and how you can set up your own broadcast too!:

Share your Defcon Top 10 Talks with us or let’s meet up at DC30 – DM the team at

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