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Who is in your Security Squad?

We get it, the cost of maintaining a fully staffed IT Team with a SME in all technology arenas = $$$$! Staffing your team to manage the infrastructure, network, hardware, applications, IoT, desktop support... it all adds up. Unfortunately, security incidents tend to be far more expensive to remediate. They're also damaging to your reputation and pretty embarrassing for all involved. So, how to you defend your environment and preserve your team? You get a vCISO.

A vCISO is a virtual Chief Information Security Officer. vCISOs offer security guidance, strategic leadership, and planning to organizations of all sizes. vCISOs are designed to complement your current IT team by augmenting security SMEs and leadership that is agnostic to internal politics and red tape.

By implementing ITAL vCISO services, your organization will gain the power of a solid SOC, decades of combined experience from a robust team of security engineers, and the leadership of a seasoned Chief Information Security Officer. The entire security squad can support your current IT team for a fraction of the cost of filling those roles with salaried positions. In addition to reducing organizational security risks, we also alleviate the burden and potential burn-out of your core IT staff so they can focus on... all the other things!

To learn more about vCISO services customized for your organization, provide your contact details and we will send our guide!


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